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We have two male Sea Lions that live here at the park. Morgan, who is the eldest, and Crusoe. Our boys are not related, Morgan was born at Whipsnade Zoo in 2002 and Crusoe was born in a German Zoo in 2010. Both Morgan & Crusoe moved here when they were one year old. Morgan has a very relaxed nature and it is very hard to surprise him, whereas Crusoe loves being energetic and even though he is younger than Morgan he is already bigger than him!
You can learn all about our Sea Lions & their lives at the park at a daily Sea Lion presentation at 2pm.
The park also offers additional bookable experiences: Sea Lion Meet & Greet or Swim with the Sea Lion.
Did you know that Morgan is also a talented artist? You can now buy one of his original paintings >> HERE <<

California Sea Lions are found on the Western coast of North America, from Alaska to central Mexico. They can be spotted during breeding season on sandy or rocky beaches, but also man made environments such as piers & marinas.

A wide variety of seafood, mainly fish, squid and sometimes clams.

Breeding season is from May till August, when females will move between territories established by the males and choose their mate. They have a delayed implantation of the fertilised egg of 3 months and a 9 month gestation period. Females will remain with their newborn pups for 10 days before leaving to forage for fish for up to 3 days at a time.

California Sea Lions have two main predators; the Great White Shark & the Killer Whale. Human-related threats include entanglement in fishing gear and toxic impacts from pesticides.
Conservation is in place with the protection of the MMPA (Marine Mammal Protection Act), with research & immediate responses to UME (Unusual Mortality Event). Educating people into minimalizing harassment & illegal feeding and reducing interaction with fishing gear.

Sea Lions can live out at sea for up to 2 weeks and can even nap in the water!