Sea Lions

Zalophus californianus (Californian Sea Lion)
Status: Least Concern ver 3.1
Pop. trend: increasing

Our Sea Lions performance during their show is based around their natural behaviors. We also train them to accept any necessary injections, blood tests, x-rays or ultra sound scans they may require. All behavior is then put into a presentation to educate and create awareness through entertainment.

We train our Sea Lions using positive reinforcement which means we reward achieved tasks with toys, food or fuss and attention. Training is very beneficial to captive marine mammals in order to stimulate them both mentally and physically, providing good enrichment for them.

Californian Sea Lions are found in North America and the males are probably the most vocal of all marine mammals, letting out an incessant honking bark to protect their territories against intruders.

Tom one of our animal keepers made this fun interview with Morgan. Come along and join us at the Sea Lion show.. we look forward to seeing you.