Animatronic Dinosaurs

We love dinosaurs, especially our original installation of the largest most lifelike animatronic T Rex, spitting Dilophosaurus and our Megalosaurs. We have now extended our animatronics down to the domain of the dinosaurs and throughout the valley. 

Trex Enclosure

The domain of the Dinosaurs has been recently revamped with the addition of six new exhibits within the domain, this further extends our animatronic dinosaurs throughout the valley.

Valley of the Dinosaurs

You never know what’s lurking in the bushes.


Small raptors are back and more.

Not to mention the recently on TV, our old Triceratops, that has become a home for a local colony of bats. Unfortunatly his refurbishment is on hold until they move onto a winter roost.

Triceratops -Bat Home

Thanks to Family Day Trippers UK on YouTube, were glad you had a great day out and love the video.