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On the 25th of April, Goeldi Monkey Priscilla gave birth to a healthy little baby! Priscilla is an expert mum, so baby is in great little hands!

We now need your help to name this adorable little Goeldi!
Sponsor our Goeldi family & enter a unisex name into ‘order notes‘ in the ‘checkout‘ section (every £5 = 1 entry in the competition).

All our Goeldi Monkeys have Elvis Presley themed names so let’s try to stick to the theme! We currently have Elvis, Presley, Priscilla, Mississippi, Tennessee, Rock and Roll.
Our primate keepers will pick their favourite name on Sunday 31st May & the winner will receive a digital naming certificate & exclusive footage of the new baby!

Our ever growing family of Goeldi Monkeys are a hungry bunch, especially with a new born baby! They are a part of the European Endangered Breeding Programme (EEP), so this tiny arrival is an important one because Goeldi Monkeys are classified a vulnerable!
They are a very close family, who sleep huddled up together and spend the day grooming each other and playing. They are very picky eaters, but love peas, sweetcorn and mario worms. It costs about £5 to feed them all for a day, £35 for a week and £150 for a month.