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We have a group of five Ring-tailed Lemurs. Dad Spike and his four children – Oldest Ollie, twins Kily & Liara and youngest Matavy.
This cute family group can be found in our Main Primate Area.
You can find out more about our lovely Lemurs at our 11am Lemur talk at their enclosure.

These Lemurs are found in the dry forests and bush of Southern & Southwestern Madagascar. 

In the wild, they eat leaves, flowers, insects & fruit.

They are highly social and live in groups ranging from 3 to 25 individuals, with females being dominant within the groups. 
Females are sexually receptive for only 1 to 2 days each year, and oestrus may be as short as 6 to 24 hours! Generally they give birth to one offspring, but twins do occur. Initially, babies will cling to their mother’s bellies, but after around two weeks they will start riding on their mother’s backs. 

A major threat to Ring-tailed Lemurs is population fragmentation, mostly due to habitat loss and degradation. They are also found within the pet trade.
At the park, we raise money for Lemur Love, a charity working out in Madagascar to help save Lemurs. You can find more info >> HERE <<

Each Ring-tailed Lemur has exactly 13 alternating black & white bands on its tail.
When Lemur groups travel they keep their tails raised in the air so that they can keep track of each other.