Animal video talks

We have some very exciting Animal Video Talks available for our visitors!
To watch our fun & educational videos just click on one of the links below and enter a password. All passwords can be found in clip frames around the park. Enjoy!

Amur Leopard video >> HERE <<
African Lion video >> HERE <<
Sea Lion video >> HERE <<
Hudson Bay Wolves video >> HERE <<
Timber Grey Wolves video >> HERE <<
Meerkat video >> HERE <<
African Penguins video >> HERE <<
Hamadryas Baboons video >> HERE <<
Ring-Tailed Lemurs video >> HERE <<
Raccoon video >> HERE <<
Great Grey Owl video >> HERE <<
Kookaburra video >> HERE <<
Kevin, the Peacock video >> HERE <<

Did you enjoy our videos? Check out our fun & educational video series ‘Life at Combe Martin Wildlife & Dinosaur Park’ and learn all about our amazing animals & dinosaurs! Click on the picture below to learn more!