Conservation Strategy

CMWDP Ltd are committed to conserving the natural world and inspiring our visitors to do the same through engagement and education.

To increase awareness of …
– The threats animals face in the wild
– The devastation caused by humans and habitat destruction
– The illegal hunting/poaching and wildlife trade
– How public can help: FSC wood, funds, raise awareness to others

Education Resources
– Clear conservation messages in daily animal talks and presentations
– Information panels on site
– Educational activity sheets

We aim to ….
– Provide natural areas around the park for indigenous species
– Provide nest boxes for indigenous birds
– Retain bug friendly environments such as logs piles/fallen trees
– Participation of BIAZA campaign ‘Spotted on Site’
– Avoid harmful chemicals wherever possible
– Be environmentally responsible with our practices

– Participation in EEP breeding programs
– The exchange of information relating to the conservation of species in the wild
– Fundraise for various ex-situ conservation projects

We promise to record and regularly evaluate all our conservation activities.