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Here at the park we have a male Genet Apollo and a female Genet Skye. Skye was removed from her previous owner by the RSPCA as she was mostly kept in a small animal carry case. She still has mental scars from her past in the form of abnormal behaviours which are stress-coping responses, such as self-biting & pacing. However, her keepers work hard to alleviate these behaviours and give her the life she deserves!

These Genets are found throughout Africa in a variety of habitats including woodlands, savannas, forests, and sometimes farmlands.

Genets are classified as a carnivore, but they will eat a variety of food that is most readily available. This can include small mammals, especially rodents & shrews, also birds and their eggs, frogs, centipedes, and various fruits.

Adult Genets are primarily solitary animals except during periods of courtship or when young Genets accompany their mothers. A female may have up to 2 litters a year with 2 to 4 young in each.
They are nocturnal animals and only rarely appear during the day. They are also stealth acrobatic hunters and can climb trees to hunt birds.

Common Genet are not endangered but can be threatened by habitat loss and can also be hunted as pests or for their fur.

They can squeeze their flexible bodies through any opening larger than their heads!