Terms & conditions



  • Online Booking Tickets are valid for one visit only.
  • Online Booking Tickets are non-refundable within 48 hours prior to your visit (refundable tickets will be charged 5% PayPal refund fee).
  • Online Booking Tickets are not transferable and cannot be re-sold to another party after purchase, unless permission is given for charitable or prize purposes.
  • Discounts/vouchers are not usable with online booking tickets.
  • Online discounts may be introduced at certain times of the year and at CMWDP’s discretion.


  • Final decision for an animal experience to go ahead will be made on the day of the pre-booked experience depending on animal behaviour, their welfare & the weather conditions.
  • Payments for pre-booked experiences are non-refundable within 7 days prior to the arranged date of the experience (refundable experiences will be charged 5% PayPal refund fee).
  • If an experience can’t go ahead due to animal behaviour, their welfare and/or the weather conditions an alternative date or a refund will be offered (5% PayPal refund fee won’t be applicable in this case).


  • Entry Ticket, Animal Experience and Season Pass Gift Vouchers are non-refundable.
  • These Gift Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase (unless stated otherwise).


  • In the event of severe weather that prevents the park from opening, all customers will be directed to the information desk and public announcements will be made, if free return tickets may be issued.
  • No photocopies, unsigned or defaced free return vouchers will be accepted for a return visit and the original receipt must be attached. The return vouchers entitles the bearer to admission only and does not include any travel expenses or other costs incurred to customers.


  • Credit card transactions are made on a separate secure server with full encryption of all credit card data. Your credit card details and personal information is never shared with any other third party or organization.
  • CMWDP reserves the right to withdraw any event, alter times, prices and events or services without notice, this does not affect your consumer rights. If you are affected by cancellations on the day of your visit, please ask a member of staff to contact the information desk, who will aim to rectify any issues.
  • CMWDP reserves the right to request further identification at the point of entry.
  • Concession tickets: CMWDP requires either a valid blue badge or DLA letter as proof of disability. Please do not ask staff to make a judgement by any other means, this is unfair to staff and they will politely refuse to make any discrimination or judgement without official documentation.
  • We take your data privacy very seriously and only use your information to process your transaction with us, unless you agree that you would like to receive email newsletters with information about the animals, events, competitions and special offers. For more details, click here to view our Privacy Policy.