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Owlfie, our beautiful Bengal Eagle Owl, arrived at the park in 2012 at just one month old. She can often be found perched in her aviary or swooping for her food.

Bengal Eagle Owls can be found in rocky ravines, forests and mountains throughout India and South East Asia.

They primarily hunt rats & mice, but will also take birds up to the size of peafowl. They will also eat reptiles, frogs, crabs and large insects.

Their natural breeding season range is generally from February to April. They lay 3 to 4 eggs on bare soil on the ledge of a cliff or under the shelter of a bush. They hatch after about 33 days and the chicks are dependent on their parents for nearly six months.

These owls are currently not endangered but are killed by humans as they are often thought as bad omens. The use of pesticides in agriculture is fatal for these owls, as they eat poisoned rodents.

Due to their preference of rocky outcrops as its habitats this bird is also sometimes called the Rock Eagle Owl.