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Our park is set within a beautiful valley and you will be amazed to uncover natural cascading streams and waterfalls, various strains of bamboo and tropical trees and plants.

There are also beautifully designed areas such as our Japanese Garden which has unusual plants, ferns and foliage.

We have many rare trees on the park including the critically endangered Wollemi Pine, the Ginko Tree and the Indian Bean Tree. The valley’s woodlands provide natural shelter for our visitors from our inclement British weather and will be the closest you will get to being in a tropical rain forest without having to leave the country.

We feel that the valley makes our park unique as it is a gloriously natural setting for the exotic animals in our care and is a haven for an abundance of indigenous wildlife that live here too. Lets not forget the Dinosaurs either, where else can you see them in a setting like the ‘Lost World?’ You could almost be there!