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Canis lupus hudsonicus (Hudson Bay Wolf)
Status: Unspecified
Pop. trend: Unknown

We are really excited to have these white wolves living here on the park along with our European wolves because it gives us the opportunity to educate our visitors on the different habitats and environments that wolves live in and how they adapt to their different surroundings. ‘Colour and Camouflage’ is one of the curriculum key stages and the difference between these two species of wolf is a perfect example of this which will assist us with our education program.

There is only one other collection near Lincolnshire that currently has white wolves on permanent display in the UK. Hudson Bay Wolves originate from Alaska, central and north eastern Canada, and the western United States sometimes migrating south with the caribou. Most Hudson Bay Wolves have a creamy white coat; the white hair shafts provide better insulation in the Artic conditions. Hunting in packs they will prey on caribou, moose and bison but will also feed on smaller animals when their larger prey is scarce. They were hunted extensively in the 19th century and early 20th century for their pelts.

Come and see these wonderful Wolves for yourself and I am sure you will agree what a fantastic addition they are to the park.