Lemur catta (Ring-tailed Lemur)
Status: Endangered A4cd ver 3.1
Pop. trend: decreasing

There are several different primates living happily on the Park. All primates are extremely intelligent and it is necessary to provide them with enough challenges to keep them active both mentally and physically. Various items such as swings, ropes, perches and climbing frames are incorporated into their enclosures, as well as items used for behavioural enrichment purposes such as hanging baskets where food or bamboo can be placed.

Other behavioural enrichment activities include the use of pineapple tops and pine cones filled with insects and food for them to find, simulating their natural foraging as well as a passing on a tasty treat! There are also scatter feeds, foraging trays and boxes, coconuts and food dispensers to keep them active while feeding them. We also spread tree resin on the branches in the enclosures sometimes, much to the delight of our animals – resin has a very very high sugar content and is the closest thing to a sweet that animals can come across in their natural environments.

Although all species of primate display certain similarities to each other, there is a host of interesting facts that are individual to each species as well as individual animals! They are as diverse in their personalities as Human Beings.

We have the following primates living on our park with us.

– Goeldi Monkeys
– Lar Gibbons
– Cotton Top Tamarin
– Ring Tailed Lemur
– Red Ruffed Lemur
– Black and White Ruffed Lemur
– White Faced Saki
– Squirrel Monkey
– Baboons
– Macaques

Some of our primates are extremely friendly. We have daily encounters with one of our primates where you can have the opportunity to get up close with these incredible stars of the park. These encounters are held everyday down at the primate section at no extra cost to you. ( Numbers are limited due to the animal’s welfare )

The Primate encounters are subject to change without notice due to the nature of animals!