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There are ten different primates species living happily at the park, from tiny Tamarins to big Baboons! You can learn about some of them by clicking on the pictures below!


Although all species of primate display certain similarities to each other, there are a host of interesting facts that are individual to each species as well as individual animals! They are as diverse in their personalities as Human Beings! 

All primates are extremely intelligent and it is necessary to provide them with enough challenges to keep them active both mentally & physically. Various items such as swings, ropes, perches and climbing frames are incorporated into their enclosures, as well as items used for behavioural enrichment purposes such as hanging baskets where food or bamboo can be placed.
Other behavioural enrichment activities include the use of pine cones filled with insects & food for them to find, simulating their natural foraging as well as passing on a tasty treat! There are also scatter feeds, foraging trays & boxes, coconuts & food dispensers to keep them active while feeding them.
With all our primate species we use positive reinforcement training to be able to weigh our animals, easily move them into transport crates and also to make shifting between enclosures easier and safer.