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Why do we train our animals?

To reduce stress of veterinary procedures and health checks
To promote increased mental and physical activity
To aid better and safer animal husbandry
It creates positive animal keeper relationships
Animal training creates educational opportunities

What do we train our animals?

Target training – teaching an animal to touch a target means we can ask the animal to move into areas or positions without force or bribes. This is very useful for moving animals on and off exhibit for husbandry and maintenance and to view different parts of the body for health checks.

Open mouth for oral examinations without the risk of bites or necessity for restraint or anaesthetic.

Injection/blood draw acceptance training means the animals a desensitized to these potentially scary procedures. With training the animals allow the procedure to be done voluntarily therefore reducing stress and without the need for risky anaesthetic.

Claw and beak trims reducing the animals stress during a necessary procedure

Crate training making transportation and catch ups less stressful.

Demonstration behaviours are great to teach the public about our animals and their abilities and natural behaviours

Interaction behaviours are again a fantastic learning opportunity and allows the public to connect with animals.