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Animal Rescues

Here at Combe Martin we have given homes to many animals that have been previously living in poor situations:

Skye the Genet – Removed from her previous owner by the RSPCA for keeping her for the majority of time in a small animal carry case.

Baboons – Anando and Diallo were removed from a circus and Rastan was living in a house in France.

Two Capybara, one Red Ruffed Lemur, three Porcupines, two Black & White Lemurs and Sixteen Egyptian Bats were transferred to us after being removed from a collection in Scotland which was closed down by their local authority.

Two Female Hudson Bay Wolves were kicked out of their pack by the Alpha Male and were living in a small emergency enclosure while their German Zoo tried to find them a new home quickly. We were fortunate enough to have an empty wolf enclosure.


All our Barbary Macaques were ex pets rescued by AAP in the Netherlands. Barbary macaques are the most seized CITES – listed mammal in the EU. The illegal wildlife trade is one of the most profitable illegal industries worldwide, second only to human trafficking, counterfeiting and drugs. The population of this species has declined by 50% over the last 3 generations and this decline is expected to continue in the future. Barbary Macaques are now considered endangered.

Unwanted Pets

Many of our parrots, tortoises, terrapins and reptiles were donated to us by members of the public for various reasons. A lot of them live for a very long time, parrots can live for over 50 years and tortoises live even longer.

There are various difficulties keeping exotic animals as pets. Parrots tend to be very noisy and they often pair bond with an individual causing them to be aggressive to other members of the family. Retiles, Parrots, Terrapins and Tortoises need specialist care with their diet and living conditions and we often take in animals with shell, feather or skin conditions, damaged nails from lack of calcium and behavioural issues which are difficult to rectify.

If you would like to learn more about the exotic pet trade make sure you go to the Daily Baboon Talk and learn how it is affecting animals internationally.

Winter Seal Rescue