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We have two male African Lions, Leo & Lenny, who are brothers and were born at Linton Zoo on the 9th June 2007. They moved to the Wildlife Park when they were 8 months old and have been here ever since.
Leo is the smaller out the two, he is very bright and is a star pupil in training. Lenny is the shy one but he likes to play a lot and is also a bit of a thinker & the lookout!
You can learn all about Leo & Lenny at their daily talk at 3.30pm (Video talk available instead of our regular Lion talk to ensure social distancing).
Or why not help us feed and train one of our Lion brothers by purchasing a Lion Feed Experience? Also available as a gift voucher!


Lions are found in most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. They are usually found in savanna and grassland habitats but also in shrubland, woodland and even desert. 

Lions are carnivores and usually hunt and kill medium sized mammals such as Zebra, Buffalo and Antelope. 

Lions are the most social species of all the cats, living in social groups called prides. A pride is usually made up of 2-3 males and 5-10 females with their young. However, when adult males leave the pride they often form coalitions with other males and may never return to a pride.
Lionesses have a gestation period of around 110 days and usually give birth to 2-4 cubs but can have up to 6. 

Loss of habitat is a Lion’s main threat along with poaching.
There are around 23,000 – 39,000 African Lions left in the wild with numbers decreasing. However, there are lots of conservation projects throughout Africa trying to protect habitats, educate local people to live alongside Lions and work with governments to protect Lions and prosecute poachers. 

Did you know that Lions sleep between 16-20 hours a day?