African Lions

Panthera leo (Lion)
Status: Vulnerable  ver 3.1
Pop. trend: decreasing

The average size of a pride (a group or family of lions) is around 15, but it can range from 4 to 37 individuals. The number of adult males present in a pride is usually 2 to 4 and these animals will co-operate to defend the pride against the approach of outside males, who would be a threat to the cubs.

Male Lions weigh up to 250Kg with the females weighing less, reaching weights of 120Kg. Despite their great size, African Lions can reach speeds approaching 60Km/hour and can make leaps of up to 12m. They are agile and powerfully built, with bodies perfect for hunting.

The hunting strategy of a pride is highly organised, with each animal having a specific part to play. Lions usually hunt by stalking into an ambush position and waiting for their prey to come into striking range. They dispatch their prey by holding the throat, bringing on suffocation.

Up to 40Kg of meat can be consumed in one sitting by an adult male. Males living within a pride allow the females to do almost all of the hunting, but they arrive at the kill to drive others off and take their share. When these animals are not hunting they are inactive and in the wild the average period of this inactivity is 20 hours a day!

The once common African Lion is slowly vanishing from parts of its range due to the loss of habitat and FIV, the feline equivalent to Human AIDS.


Our 2 Male Lions Lenny and Leo are brothers and were 10 years old in June 2017. They have been at the park since they were 9 months old. Leo is the Alpha Male and the smallest out the two, he is very bright and clever and is a star pupil in training. Lenny is the shy one and a bit of a clown, he likes to play a lot, but he is also a bit of a thinker and takes longer to do things, he is the lookout and senses danger first. They live very happily together. Our lion talk is extremely informative and fun and worth seeing, and later in the afternoon you have the fantastic opportunity to feed them which is a very rare, exciting and must do experience, see our experiences page for more information.

Lenny and Leo would love to see you soon.