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We have five male African Pygmy Goats that live with our two Emu. Our biggest goat is Billy, he has the big horns & shaggy coat. Our two friendliest Goats are Branston & Pickle that arrived at he park in 2015.

Originating from Cameroon in West Africa living in dry grasslands.

Wild diet consists of leaves, grass, plants, fruit and vegetables.

As social breeds they live in herds. They are excellent climbers and love to jump. Males are called billys, females are called nannies and their offspring kids. The gestation period is 5 months, with up to 4 young being produced. This breeding procedure can repeat every 9 -12 months. 

They are a popular domestic breed and not currently considered to be under any threat.

Though small in size the females output of milk is high during the lactation period with 1.8 litres produced daily.